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roof boxes

If you want to rent a roof box, it is of course not easy to determine the right size. On the following pages we would like to give you some information about our roof box models and support you in the selection as best as possible.
In order to be able to better estimate the dimensions given, such as length, width and height, we have tried to explain the possible uses of each roof box and hope to make it easier for you to choose the most suitable roof box for you.
If you are still unsure which roof box is right for you, so do not hesitate to call us or contact us by mail. 

small box

Dachbox Thule Pacific 600

Length: 110 cm – 190cm

Volume: ca.280 –  320 Liter

Payload: 50 kg

Usage: Ski, Camping

Models: Thule Motion 600Thule Pacific 600, Thule Ranger 90

medium size box

Dachbox Thule Turing 780

Länge: 140  cm – 190cm

Volumen: ca.410 – 420 Liter

Zuladung: 50 kg

Usage: Ski, Camping, Kinderwagen, Golfbags

Models: Thule Pacific 200Thule Pacific 780, Thule Touring 780

large Box

Dachbox Thule Motion 800

Länge: 200 cm – 220 cm

Volumen: ca. 500 Liter

Payload: 75 kg

Usage: Ski, Camping,Kinderwagen*, Golfbags

Models: Thule Motion 800 / Thule Motion XLKamei Husky XXL

Xtra Large box


Länge: 215 cm

Volumen: ca. 600 Liter

Payload: 75 kg

Usage: Ski, Camping,Kinderwagen*, Golfbags

Models: Thule Motion XT XXL